Our most recent case involved a high publicity case in Toronto where a husband and wife
were left for dead by the side of the road by a hit and run driver.

Our firm was able to counsel the family while their parents were on life-support in Hospital. In the interim we got the victims son, airline tickets to come from overseas as a visitor expense pursuant to the SABS. Furthermore, we were able to obtain a home modification benefit from the insurance company and re-locate the family into a new ergonomic home with all the modifications necessary due to disability.

During this extremely sensitive period, our clients daughter was forced to leave her employment and take care of her parents full-time. Our team was able to provide maximum benefits under the SABS for a catastrophic impairment and she was compensated $6,000.00 per month per parent to assist with her loss of work.

We worked with nurses, speech pathologists, psychiatrists and the family doctor during the entire recovery stage and were pleased to see our clients talking and walking again. One of the happiest moments was when the entire family was able to visit our office independently for the first time.

At the instructions of the family and the clients, we engaged in settlement discussions and were able to obtain just over 2.8 million dollars.